Sunday, July 8, 2018

they're packing in the nectar

My top boxes look great - I now have 5 boxes on each hive and they are filling the 4th box, the bottom boxes don't have windows though.
What a great nectar flow - I was not planning on harvesting honey this year, but I may have to take the top boxes in order to get the hives down to a reasonable size for winter.
We'll see!
Here are videos of each box:

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

roof blown off and adding boxes

July 2 2018 - we returned from a week away horse camping in Roosevelt Nat'l Park to find Hive B's roof/quilt box on the ground! Must have been windy here. The top cloth was pulled back 1-3" on the SW corner and some bees were going in and out of the top box. Thankfully, it was plenty warm and the queen must not have left. I put the quilt box and roof back on!

July 4 - Mark helped me lift FOUR boxes on each hive as we added a box to the bottom of each hive because they were filling the bottom boxes. Hopefully, we did it in time and she won't swarm with half of her hive.

This is Hive B (new package this year):
 This is Hive A (overwintered hive):
 Monarchs on our milkweed: