Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Jan 24, 2016 Fed the weak hive

I listened over the escape holes on both hives and can hear buzzing. I then tried to listen over each box to see which box the bees are in (if they are in the top box, then they are running out of honey).

Strong hive (5 boxes): I can hear buzzing through the walls of the middle 3 boxes, so they have not moved to the top box yet - at least I think not. It's really not easy to hear through the wooden walls.

Weak hive (3 boxes): I can hear buzzing through the wall of the top box, so I decided to put fondant on top. I took off the roof, then the quilt box. I pulled the top cloth back part way from 3 different edges and slid some fondant under the top cloth. Then I used an old top cloth (the one I use for feeding the bees that has the hole in it) to fill in the gaps created by the bulk of the fondant blocks so there is cloth to the edges. A couple of bees escaped, one landed on my shoulder but didn't sting me. I put the quilt box back on, hoping it is sealed enough and then the roof.

Here's hoping!!

Frigid Weather Update Jan 11-18

So it's been -16 degrees F but both hives have been humming when I've checked them.
I'd really like to get some candy (fondant) on Hive b (weak hive) but it's just too cold. If they make it through this cold snap, I'll try to put some under the top cloth.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 3, 2016

 this photo is the bottom of my strong hive,
the photo below is the weak hive near the escape hole;