Saturday, July 16, 2016

3 3/4 quarts of beautiful honey

So I still have some left to press out of the combs but the 4 combs yielded nearly 4 quarts of honey - yum! Here are the 8 oz bears and then there were two 1 quart Mason jars as well:

Sunday, July 10, 2016

pulled some honey with help from my friends

Today, it was nice around noon, prior there were thunderstorms.
Warm out so Tom and Michelle came out and we opened both hives.
I used the fishing the technique after I propped up the corners with small wedges.
Once separated and smoked, we took off the top box from hive A (the big hive) and pulled 2 combs of honey off. We also took the 5th box off, so now there are 5 windowed boxes.

This is the top box from which we had just removed 2 combs on the left.
 This is the 2, 3, 4th boxes:
 Some of the comb in my bucket before I crushed it:
 So the comb in the bag after I came inside. There is capped honey but open cells too
 Comb from Hive A with extra wax:

We removed 2 combs from the small hive , Hive B. This small hive had ?supersedure cells so may have lost the queen. We didn't look through all of the combs, but there weren't eggs in the one comb we checked.

As I was picking up the comb to put it in my extractor/gravity bucket, I got stung on my right index finger.